Just Me and a Paint Brush – Painted Cabinets

Well here it is folks, my very first post since the kids returned to school.  It feels great to get back into a normal routine.  Are your summers as crazy as mine?

Anyway, I wanted to start this blog off with a simple DIY but what the heck…I’m starting it off with bang!  When we originally began remodeling/updating our kitchen I really wanted to buy new cabinets with the really nice molding that went to the ceiling.  Unfortunately, the hubs really wants the kids to finish middle school and reminded me that we needed to stick to the *gasp* budget.  Yes he said the “b” word. How dare he?  So I did the next best thing.  I broke out the paint brush and some paint and began to think creatively.

I knew I couldn’t paint the outside of the cabinets because of the material they are made out of so the next best thing was the inside.  I removed all the clutter and threw out mismatched glasses, etc. I then removed both shelves and gave them a good scrubbing. (Broke 3 fingernails but what the heck…totally worth it).


Next, I covered the sides, top and bottom with painter’s tape and started painting. I had a sample of Behr paint that I had picked up from Home Depot about a year ago (last summer) that was the perfect color.  It’s called Behr Storm and I grabbed it for $.50!


ImageAfter the first coat, let it dry completely.  If you’re impatient like me you can always set the fan on the cabinet, turn it on high and go fold up some laundry.  After about 20 minutes I started on my second coat and then let that dry (with the fan of course).  I waited about 30 minutes for this coat to dry (I had a lot of laundry) and then went to work on the third coat.



While the third coat was drying, I cut my shelf liner to size for each of the shelves.


I am a very impatient person (hence the fans) so I just couldn’t wait any longer.  I removed the painters tape, stood back and BOOM!  I am so happy with the outcome!


I added my shelves back in while being very careful not to scratch the back of the cabinet.  These shelves were a pain but again totally worth it.  I added my dishes back into the cabinet and again stood back and admired my work.


Such a little update that only cost me three hours time and $.50 and was a much better option than a full set of cabinets. Now, how’s that for sticking to the “b” word?

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