Operation Organization – Kitchen Command Center

Who’s excited that the kids are now back in school?  This girl that’s who!  I was so excited that I kept them out of school on Friday and took off for a few days of fun in the sun at the beach!  But now it’s back to reality, routines and structure.  It’s also time for mama to organize and take back her house!

First up…the Command Center. I love this little area so much.  The dry erase board is magnetic and lets me hang/scribble notes, doctor’s appointments, orthodontist’s appointments, phone numbers and anything else that I need to remember. It’s also a place for the kids to hang their book bags, lunch boxes and jackets so that everything is ready to grab and go in the mornings. Ahhhh…it’s the little things.


Did I mention that I love this little spot?  While the hooks on the bottom of the shelf holds their school belongings, the top of the shelf holds their chore jars.  They each have a jar with popsicle sticks that I wrote chores on. There’s a “to do” jar and a “done” jar.  There’s also a big jar in the middle marked “chores”.  Every afternoon they are do four mandatory chores from their “to do” jar and two additional chores from the middle “chores” jar.  Each chore is worth one ticket and one ticket is worth $.25.  When a chore has been completed they put it in the “done” jar.  In one day they can earn up to six tickets or $1.50.  At the end of the day and when mom can remember, she tallys up the chores and pays them in tickets (Dollar store tickets – a gazillion for a buck).  Now here’s the kicker and what saves me a ton of money. Depending on their behavior, the drill sergeant mom can take away tickets at her discretion.  At the end of the week (Sunday in our house) and only if $5.00 or more has been earned, they can cash in their tickets for whatever amount of cash they earned.  I can assure you that over the summer I saved a ton of allowance money based on their behavior.


Now the little bench underneath was a steal on Amazon.com.  It was the perfect finishing touch for the command center.  The bench holds three baskets, one for each kid and a middle one for mommy or daddy’s miscellaneous junk that I find on the main floor.  When the kids do their chores every afternoon they are required to take all their junk upstairs to their room via their basket.  I do love this little area.


So tell me…how do you keep your kids on a routine/schedule during the school year? 

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