Labor Day of Love – Kitchen Love

Happy Labor Day guys!  I hope everyone had a nice relaxing day. My kids were off gallivanting all day which gave me time to finish up a few projects I had been working on in the kitchen.   I don’t know about your house, but in our house the kitchen is sort of a “hangout” for kids, family and friends.  I love for family and friends to feel welcome and I want them to be able to help themselves to whatever they need when they are here.  If you need a glass, grab one.  If you need a plate, grab one. If you need a snack, grab one.  When your kitchen is tidy and organized, it’s just that easy.

I started with painting the insides of the cabinets with black paint.  Yes I did say black. You can read all about that here:  I just love how they turned out.




Here’s a before pic of my pantry (only one side though because I forgot when I first started. Oops my bad).


My hot mess of a pantry

The next thing I did was remove everything.


Polka dot contact paper. Don’t judge me.

I tossed anything that had expired or that we just weren’t using.  This took FOREVER!

Next I lined all the cabinets and pantry with shelf liner (should have done this years ago but whatever) from the dollar store and then sorted and grouped all like items together.  The Dollar Store has so many cute baskets for well…just a dollar…duh so off I went. They also have stacking shelves and just about anything else you need to organize with. I highly recommend investing $10 – $15 bucks for some cute baskets. You’d be impressed with the end result.


Happy Pantry


Label Everything! It looks so pretty.


But ohhhh, I didn’t just stop there.  I moved on to my spices. What a mess. But I love how my spice cabinet turned out!


Spice and Tupperware cabinet



I used canning jars for all the spices and seasonings and then labeled everything. It looks much better than before.

Now on to the fridge. Yikes…the fridge was a disaster so off to the Dollar Store I went again.  I had been wanting some of those fridge mats that I’ve seen but wasn’t quite ready to drop $50-$60 bucks on those things.  I found these cute placemats at the Dollar Store for…yep…you guessed it.  A buck. I cut them down to size (still had to piece them together though, may redo later but works for now) while I had the glass pulled out to clean and then placed them on the glass. Easy clean up. Put my shelves back in and now it looks so much neater.




Happy Fridge


But wait…there’s more!  I painted the bottoms of all the drawers and organized those too!


Pretty junk drawer


K-cups and Silverware drawer


Utensil drawer

My kitchen makes me happy now.  I know just where everything is and everything goes. My kids (hubs included) also know that everything has a place.  It’s all about having things run smoothly anytime someone is “hanging” with me in the kitchen.  Happy kitchen…happy mommy.

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