50 is going to ROCK…I’m guessing.

When I was a kid I used to love birthdays.  But really…what kid doesn’t.  I could have stopped having birthdays at 29 and would have been just fine.  Turning 30…now that’s a different story. It sucked and I mean…really sucked. I’m talking several-week- of-crying-and-hiding sucked. Turning 40 blows too. But a huge party and large quantities of alcohol made that birthday a little better. I’m not sure how I’m going to act when I turn 50 so it’s a good thing I have several more years to prepare. I’ve heard it rocks and have few friends that have already hit that milestone.

We recently celebrated a friend’s 50th and too look at her you wouldn’t think she was day over 30. She’s just as gorgeous now as she was then. I decided to make her a little gift basket for her birthday. Nothing fancy and there wasn’t anything I couldn’t pick up from the Dollar Store (hope she’s not reading this).

50 rocks!

50 rocks!


This was easy peasy to put together. I made the picture for the frame to read:

If 30 sucks

and 40 blows

then 50 rocks

I used 30 suckers, 40 gumballs and 50 pop rocks. In the bottom of the basket is floral styrofoam so the suckers would stand up. I stuck them in first and then put 40 gumballs in a little tupperware container and finally arranged the pop rocks along the outside of the suckers. Tied some ribbon through a basket and that’s  it. I told you…easy peasy.

So how do you feel about birthdays?

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