Do you Corn Hole?

You do know what Corn Hole is right?

If you don’t, just click HERE for instructions.

Well…my husband plays just about every Friday night.

And I must say…he is pretty awesome.

It’s good friends, good food, good fun and bean bags full of corn.

It’s super easy and is so much fun to play with a group of friends on a pretty day.

Anyway, it gets rather comical around midnight or so when we’re trying to keep up with the score.

So what’s a good scorekeeper to do?

She makes a scoreboard that’s what.

First she finds a board in the husband’s “little house” (tool shed).

And while the sun is beaming down and sweat is stinging her eyes, she sands it down then primes it (Kiltz of course).

photo 1

After it’s dry, carry your board inside because your shoulders are burnt from the sun.

Then cover it in chalkboard paint.  I did 3 coats but 2 would work fine.

photo 2

Let it dry for a day or so then add numbers with an acrylic paint pen.

The game starts at “0” and you play to “21”. The first to reach “21” is the winner.

photo 3

You can see where I marked off my lines with a pencil so my numbers would be even. Whatever.

After I was sure everything was dry, I taped off the middle to leave a chalkboard (for calculations since scoring can get a little crazy)

and sprayed over the lettering with a couple coats of Polycrylic (love that stuff!)

photo 4

I pulled the painters tape off and seasoned my chalkboard.

Now it’s ready.

photo 5

We will keep score using chip clips from the dollar store. They come 3 (red, black & white) to a set.

We’ll use red and black (go dawgs!)

All that’s left is to find some hooks so we can hang this sucker and play.

So tell me…

Do you Corn Hole?