Turkey Time…Almost

We started our Thanksgiving celebration  a little early this year.

We celebrated with a group of very special friends.

Our friends are there when we need them.

Our friends are by our side through good times and bad times.

We cry together. We laugh together. We are silly together.

These are our friends that we will love and cherish…



And the fact that they can all cook and put together a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner…

Well…that’s a major plus in my book.

So what do you take to a Thanksgiving dinner with a bunch of friends who can all out cook you to the moon and back?

You take a turkey…that’s what.


An edible turkey made completely out of food.

A turkey that’s really just a little too cute to eat.

Making him was pretty easy.

It probably took me longer to find the bamboo skewers in the store than it did to put him together.

Here’s what you need:

                    • Platter
                    • Melon
                    • Bosc Pear
                    • Grapes
                    • Cheese
                    • Raisins
                    • Red Pepper
                    • Toothpicks
                    • Bamboo Skewers

Shave a little of the rind off the bottom to make the melon flat and set it on your platter.

Place your pear into the melon (upside down) with a skewer. You may need to break a little of the skewer off but that’s okay.

Half your toothpicks and use those for the raisin eyes, cheese nose and red pepper beak.

Cut a piece of the cheese into a fat triangle for his nose and place it beside the beak.

Insert your bamboo skewers into the melon and alternate the cheese and grapes onto the skewers.

Slice your red pepper and cut out some turkey toes.

Using what’s left of the red pepper make your turkey some feathers and place them in the melon with toothpicks.

And that’s it.

Your turkey is done.

Much easier than stuffing and cooking a real turkey.

And a whole lot cheaper.

And cuter.

Now go make a turkey and celebrate with your friends.