No Sew (the best kind) Christmas Stockings

I have a sewing machine.

It’s brand spanking new and recently out of the box.

Not sure how to use it yet; but soon…very very soon.

So when I decided to make our Christmas stockings this year, I knew I could take a couple of days and learn to sew but really…

who the heck has time for that?  Especially this time of the year.

Hmmmm…decisions.  I knew I wanted burlap stockings and those are pretty reasonable. 

Except when you need SIX of them!

At $14.95 a piece here I knew I could make them for way less.

AND they would be way cuter.

So I did what any other DIYer would do.

I broke out the burlap and  glue gun. (Thank you sweet baby Jesus for the glue gun!)

I started by making a chalk outline using a regular stocking as my pattern.



For one stocking you will need TWO  cutouts.

After you’ve cut them out (they won’t line up no matter how hard you try) take you glue gun and glue all around the sides.

IMG_4674 IMG_4675

Next you can stick your hand all the way down to the toe and pull your stocking back through.

This will turn it right side out because you know it’s looking pretty ugly right now (burlap is messy).

Turn down a small cuff. I did 1.5 in. and secured it slightly with a small dab of hot glue.


Ignore the tape measure. It has no purpose here.

After you’re done securing your cuff, you can add any sort of embellishments that you’d like.

I was going for the vintage look so I used an old handkerchief that belonged to my Papa and made bows for the boys (I know…boys don’t like bows but WHATEVER!) I also used brown burlap that belonged to my Mam-Maw to make some bows for the boys.

For the ruffle on the girls (mine and the daughters) I used an old handkerchief that belonged to my Mam-maw (miss her so much!)

I also used the handkerchief and cut out a circle and then stenciled our first name initial on each.


Again…ignore the tape measure. 🙂

With some jute hot glued to the inside I was able to make a hangy thing and all was done.


I hung these on a ladder since we don’t use our fireplace very much.

It’s Dec. 5 and 80 degrees here.  The AC kicked on earlier so we are all a bit confused.



These may be my new favorite Christmas decorations.

And it didn’t cost me anything!

So take that Pottery Barn!


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29 thoughts on “No Sew (the best kind) Christmas Stockings

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  9. Thank you for the idea! I still have a heart ge bolt of burlap& Tulle left over from mour daughters wedding& have been wondering what to use them for ; now I’m gonna see them to make our stockings we needed 5.& I wanted them to a little similar; Thanks for sharing this idea! Merry Christmas!


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  20. So cute and easy!! I always stuff my stockings with quite a bit of stuff. Do you think these will hold up to a fairly heavy load of goodies? Thanks!


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