Burlap & Bows

I’m in love with burlap.

It shows throughout my house.

I have big plans for burlap.

Plans so big that I bought 4 rolls from here.

This place is amazing.

And cheap.

I made my Christmas stockings from some of the burlap I bought.

You can read how to make those here.

But my Christmas tree needed burlap too.

And a bow.

So the birth of a burlap bow was born.

Just gather your supplies.



Ruler (optional)

Floral wire, twist tie or those plastic thingys in the picture.



It is so hard to cut a straight line in burlap.

But here’s what you do.

Decide how wide you want your ribbon to be and then begin pulling one of the strands.

Just pull it.

Your burlap with begin to gather but that’s okay.


Pull the strand all the way out.

If the strand breaks just find the spot it broke at and continue pulling it.

It’ll look like this.


Now just cut along the line.

Easy peasy straight burlap line.


Now you can begin folding your bow.

Fold the ribbon halfway.

The end of the ribbon is where the center of your bow will be.

Sounds confusing but it’s really easy.

Wish I had pics to show you but I was so caught in the folding that I forgot to take some.

Sorry. My bad.

Every time you make a fold, make it just a little smaller than the previous one.

Then you just cut the last fold so it ends in the center.

For a bigger bow, I usually make three folds.

Now wrap your center with your wire, twist tie or plastic thingy and pull tight.

Wrap your center with a piece of burlap and put a little glue (glue gun) in the back to secure it.

Add some tails with your glue gun if you like. Totally your decision.

Now just fluff it.

Your bow.

Just fluff your bow and it will instantly become pretty.


Now stick it on your tree.



And there’s your burlap bow tree topper.



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