An Ugly Sweater and a Very Bad Santa

It’s that time of the year again.  The time when all those ugly Christmas sweaters hanging in the back of the closet move to the front. The time when good friends all gather round to show off their bad side and their ugly sweater. The time when you can “guilt free eat” all those ugly yummy snacks and finger foods (not really but whatever). Sounds like my kind of party.

I love to throw a good party. I love the last minute rush to get everything accomplished just as the first guest enters. It’s well over a week long preparation but worth it in the end. Here’s what makes a fun “ugly sweater and bad Santa” party.

1.   Decorations
2.   Food
3.  Oven Mitt Game
4.  “Bad Santa” gifts (or white elephant)
5.  Ugly Sweater
5.  Photobooth
6.  A sense of humor

First off…DO NOT spend a lot of money on this party. Sure you want your guests to have fun but I promise you they will even if very little money is spent on the decorations.  It is an ugly sweater party so make your decorations ugly but still cute.  Just go to the dollar store and grab a few strands of tinsel and some silly pop up decorations.  I didn’t do a whole lot of decorating.  I simply let my food station and photobooth and serve as the decor.  You can see the theme here. Ugly sweaters, ugly food, ugly plates, napkins, platters…just anything “cheesy” really.




The photobooth also served as the decorations. The photobooth was a big hit.  It was a lot of fun for me to put this together. I started by making some signs. Yes it’s true that some people do not know what a photobooth is. I know…crazy huh.  For my signs I made these in PSE and then uploaded the bigger ones to Block Posters.  If you’re not sure what Block Posters is then definitely check it out.  You just upload your photo and choose how big you want your poster to be.  It prints out on several sheets of paper and you just trim the edges and tape or paste them together.  I used Mod Podge. Love that stuff.  You can barely see in the photo below where the pages meet in the middle. Awesome huh?

IMG_4692 IMG_4693




Now you need some props.  The internet Pinterest is full of printable props.  I just printed them on cardstock, cut them out and taped a small dowel or bamboo skewer to the back.  I then stood them up in some rice in a pint size mason jar.



I also found these cute santa hats, elf hats and headbands at the dollar store.  Threw them in some dollar store baskets, added some ribbon and boom…more cute props.




My photobooth was easy to make too.  I used 2 rolls of red wrapping paper, some dollar store tinsel, a ladder to sit on, a white blanket, a sheet of snow and my daughters Christmas tree that I stole borrowed from her room.  The awesome fireplace came from Amazon and was only $11 bucks. Whoop whoop! Awesome prop for the photobooth.


Now before I go any further…I must throw out this disclaimer.  If you do not have a sense of humor…stop reading now because you will not like what you see.  It’s not extremely bad but I don’t want any of my readers saying I didn’t warn them first.

Let’s talk about the gifts for the “Bad Santa”.  If you are not familiar with “Bad Santa” it’s just like the White Elephant gift swap only…um…badder.  I know that’s not a word but whatever.  We put a $10.00 limit on the gifts and I can assure you I stayed way under $10 bucks.


Maxi Pad Slippers


Shave and Play Barbie
Buy 2 barbies from the dollar store or dollar general. Cut the hair off one and glue it all over the other one. Put her back in the box and add a razor. So easy and a big big hit.


White Trash Boob Job Kit


Eye Pad


Toy/Gift Not Included


If you are easily offended or have no sense of humor…


I’m going to show you some of the “Ugly Sweaters” that rocked our party.  Some guests bought their sweaters. Amazon has some really “ugly” ones.  You can also find them at Goodwill stores but you have to shop their early in the season.  They get gone really quick.  I’ve blocked out the faces of my guests since I’m not asking their permission to post their picture.













My sister. I’m not blocking her face. She can get mad. I don’t care.
She doesn’t even read my blog so…whatever.


My sister and I.


Another one of my sister and I.


My sister and my baby, Chi Chi.
She totally rocked her ugly sweater.
Chi Chi did.
Not my sister.
Well…she did too.


The hubs (white shirt) came out of his sweater soon after he busted one of his balls…um…ornaments.

There were a lot more ugly sweaters but not everyone stopped to get their picture made.  I had also set up a voting booth and prizes were awarded for 3rd (ugly), 2nd (uglier) and 1st (ugliest) place.






There was also a social media contest where you uploaded your picture to FB and whoever received the most likes by the end of the party or whenever the time cutoff you choose, receives a prize.


We also played a gave called the “Oven Mitt” game.  If you are not familiar with this game, read about it here. We had way more than 3 wrapped boxes just to make it a little more interesting.  And interesting it was.

And that was about it for the party. It was a lot of work but a lot of fun.  Your guests can go home (or not) with their prizes and their ugly sweaters.  Your party can go until all hours of the morning (ours went until 5 am) but feel free to run your guests out earlier.  Just have fun and…



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