Somebody’s missing this baby…

2 before

but it’s not me! (insert evil laugh here)

So let me tell you the story behind this custom built console table.

A couple of years ago (according to my kids back in the ancient days), my oldest boy and I were headed out to do a little shopping.

It was dark and it was just beginning to rain. I hate driving in the rain. It makes me nervous.

Anyway, as I drove along at a grandma’s pace, I was forced to come to a complete stop.

Something was there. In the dark. In the rain. And in the middle of the road.

But I didn’t care.  I pushed my son out of the car to go take a look. It was dark and raining and I wasn’t going out there.

He came back and said it’s just some kind of table.

1 before

Well alright then.  Hmmm…what should we do? (awkward stare)

Hurry…help me get it in the car. (really? are you kidding me?)

Heck no I’m not kidding.

So we did.  Loaded this baby right into the back of my little black car.

That’s right.  I said car. Not SUV. Not truck.  Car. Teeny tiny itsby bitsy car.

It sat in the garage for a while and then moved to my other son’s room where he used it as a table for his TV and X-box and other junk that accumulates in boys room…but remember…this was a couple of years ago…before my DIY days…you know…in the ancient days.

3 lightly sand

So it’s taken me a couple of years to figure out what I wanted to do with it and where I wanted to put it.

Remember this space?


The awkward gallery wall.

Well with a little paint my middle of the road table would be perfect for this spot.

So that’s what I did.

4 black ends

I started out by painting a few spots black simply because I wanted to distress him and wanted most parts to show black and not the original brown.

5 black ends

Once dry, I used Vaseline on the the black parts so when I distress it, the spots would just wipe off.

After 3 coats of chalk paint he was now a she.  So pretty.

6 first coat

First coat of chalk paint

7 first coat

First coat of chalk paint.
You can see where the paint wouldn’t stick to the Vaseline.
But that’s okay. I didn’t want it too.

8 second coat

Second coat going on nicely.

9 second coat

Second coat again.
Still a little streaky.
Still okay.

10 third coat

Third coat.
Exactly how I wanted it.

12 third coat

Third coat.
A’int she purty?

14 third coat

Third coat.
Do you pieces switch genders once you paint them?
Once a “him.”
Now a “she.”

Now it was time to start distressing.

This was the easy part since I used the Vaseline.

15 distressed

I used a sanding block and just lightly went over spots.
I don’t remember which grit I used. Sorry…my bad.
See the black?

16 distressed

Wow…doesn’t she look different?

17 distressed

is now a She…


Pretty corners.
Pretty body.
Pretty legs.

19 distressed

And let’s not forget the ends.
Pretty ends.

Now that she was distressed…here’s the part I struggle with.

Do I leave her and all her chalky goodness alone…

or do I wax her…

or do I polyacrylic her?

Gosh I hate decisions.

What if I’m wrong?

Well…I chose to wax. Not a fan of wax but oh well…that was my decision and thankfully it turned out well.

20 wax

Yes…that’s a sock.
I always use socks to clean, buff and now wax.

And here she is.

All waxed and buffed and beautiful.

26 buff

Wax on.
Wax off.


Now drag her upstairs.


And decorate her with beautiful cast iron that you swiped from your mom’s house that she swiped from her mom’s house.


I don’t ever remember being giddy over cast iron anything but now it just makes me happy.


Just look at that little cast iron tea pot.
It was love at first sight.


This cast iron pot is hiding batteries.
It’s the perfect little spot.


And this little cast iron pot is hiding random tools.
Little screwdrivers, random nails, chair leg pads.
Anything that really just doesn’t have a place.

So this ancient console table that I found in the ancient days now holds ancient cast iron.

I’m so glad that my ancient self stopped in the middle of the road on that dark and stormy night.

I rescued a gorgeous piece and saved him from who knows what.

And let’s not forget how I changed him into a her.

And to whomever lost this baby obviously off the back of their truck, I’m really sorry (not really).

Your loss…my gain.


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