I did it…

I finally got around to making my curtains.

I’m almost embarrassed to say just how easy these were.

Excuse the mess of these two rooms. They’ve both been under construction for quite some time. It seems that I can never get them quite the way I want them. Plus it takes time people. And time just seems to pass by much faster than it used to.

Anyway…these are no-sew burlap curtains.


I wanted long curtains. 95 inches long. Those are hard to find and are quite expensive when you need so many.

I really should have fluffed up the pillows on the loveseat but whatever.


You’ll also have to excuse the terrible lighting. I took these with my phone because I was too lazy to grab my camera.  The sun from the dining room and sunroom made it almost impossible to snap a good picture. I’ve never claimed to be a photographer either. I just snap the picture and go with it.

The shelf you see here between the curtains will be getting a makeover very soon too. Probably today.


I’m still not happy with the curtain rods and I may end up taking the blinds down. Somethings still not right. I’m always changing things out around here. And there’s that wrinkly winter pillow again.

You can tell my house is definitely not staged. It’s lived in everyday.


Now to make these curtains I just measured the length I needed, folded down and rod pocket on the top, folded up a hem across the bottom and used my glue gun to close them up. That’s it. Done.


I used some burlap ribbon as tiebacks. I’ll probably end up changing those out with some white burlap ribbon but I’m not really worried about that right now.  What’s on there will do for now.




So there you have it.

Easy peasy no-sew burlap curtains and…

a messy lived in non-staged house with a white wrinkly winter pillow.




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3 thoughts on “I did it…

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  2. Nice look, Sandy….just wondering how the curtains got the finished edges. Did you find burlap that came like that? And I love the decor with the robin’s egg blue accents on the wall, table and chair pattern…it’s just so uplifting and springlike!
    Enjoy your curtains!

    • The edges were already finished! I know…can you believe it! I found it at burlapfabric.com. Seriously love that place. I bought 4 – 5 yard rolls for $6.95 a roll (1 roll did 2 panels for each window with a little left over).

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