The Little Rack That Could

Back before Christmas when everyone was asking “what in the world can I get you for Christmas”, my response was always the same. “Just go to the thrift store and buy me any old piece of wood furniture”.

Well my sister did just that.

Remember these:


Not an exact picture because I forgot to take a before.
Oops. My bad.
But this one is real close.

I believe everyone has had one at some point in time.  If not I’m pretty sure your mother did.

Anyway, this magazine rack sat and sat and sat until I could figure out what I wanted to do with it. I didn’t really need a magazine rack…but what I did need was to organize my muffin and cake pans.

That’s right. Now stay with me for a few minutes because I know what you are thinking.

My muffin and cake pan organization before was a complete mess.

cabinet 2

This is NOT my cabinet because again, I forgot to take a picture.
But this one is close to what mine looked liked.
Just stacks of pans.

Anyway…I took my little wooden magazine rack, cleaned it up and gave it some paint. I started out using chalk paint but by the time I got around to the inside of the rack, the top of my hand just wouldn’t stay clean.  I gave up and grabbed some Krylon White in flat because really isn’t flat paint chalky anyway.


Next I found me some cute graphics and used the chalk method to transfer it to the wood.

image (3)

I then distressed it with sandpaper and sprayed it with Polyacrylic in satin.

I love how it turned out.

image (6)

image (4)

image (2)

Sorry my pictures are crappy. And small.  I’m lazy.


So a great big thanks goes out to my sister for thrifting this little magazine holder.

Maybe…just maybe…I’ll bake you a cake.

Or not.


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67 thoughts on “The Little Rack That Could

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  15. I am getting ready to do one of these. Do you have to prime your piece before you chalk paint? What did you use to clean up your piece first?

    Thanks for the idea!


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    • The chalk method is basically just printing out your graphic, dusting the back with chalk, flip your graphic over, go over your graphic with the flat end of a pen which transfers the chalk to your piece. Then you can fill in your graphic with whatever paint you choose. I typically use a paint pen.


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  29. You shouldn’t talk down your photos! Anyways, great idea! I have a magazine rack that is meant to be screwed into the wall that I think I will end up using to hold all my cutting boards. Thanks for the great idea!


    • You simply print out your graphic in whatever size you need, go over the back with chalk, place chalk side down on your piece then trace over your graphic with a pen. The chalk is transferred to your piece then you can fill in with paint. Very easy.


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