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Happy Monday!

I really can’t even say that with a straight face but I gave it my best shot.

It was a beautiful and busy weekend here in the south. Just the way I like it.

In between basketball games, the team party and softball practices I did have a few minutes to finish up a few projects are here.

One thing on my list were these:


We recently replaced all the cabinets in my kitchen with beadboard doors and I absolutely love love love them. But what to do with all the doors we took off?

We upcycle them of course.

The pantry doors were huge. And heavy. I had to find a way to use them without having to hang them.

So I created a Welcome sign.

First things first though. I had to remove all that plastic or whatever it is. It wasn’t too hard. Just start pulling at a corner and it starts to pop off.  You can always use a hairdryer to help melt away at the glue. But that was just one more step and I’m way too impatient for that.

I started popping the plastic off and was left with this:



See the glue residue? That wasn’t too hard to remove either. I just took a straight razor and began scraping. It came off pretty easy in the areas I wanted it to come off.

Next I gave it a couple coats of chalk paint. You can see where I missed some glue but that didn’t bother me. You wouldn’t be able to see it anyway.




You know I’m on a burlap kick so I cut some burlap to the size I needed. No fancy measure here. Just laid the burlap right on top of the cabinet, pulled a few strands out then cut.

Easy peasy. Just the way I like it.


After I had the size I needed I took my spray adhesive and sprayed the center to adhere the burlap.


I frayed some edges and sprayed a little more adhesive right over the top of the areas that I frayed. That should keep it from shedding.

I hope.


I went ahead and distressed around the edges of the door.

Since it was chalk paint it distressed really well.


The next thing I did was make a bow out of burlap. You can see how I make my bows here.


After my bow was made I used my glue gun to attach it and then lightly sprayed over it with spray adhesive to keep it from being too floppy.

I then went and using Word on my computer I made a Welcome stencil, printed it on cardstock and then cut it out and placed them on the burlap.


I sprayed the back of the letters with adhesive so they would stay in place.

I used a sharpie and traced around the letters because I’m all fancy like that.



I filled in the letters with black acrylic paint by just dabbing a foam brush inside the letters.


I lightly sprayed over the entire piece with polyacrylic in satin. I didn’t want too much shine.

I think all in all in turned out pretty well.  If I had to do it again, I’d make the burlap a little smaller or with more fringe or something.



Next post I’ll show you the before pictures of that cute little table that I found for $7.50. I bought two of them and turned them both into beds for my little doggie. She’s not impressed yet though.

So until then…I’ll just go and try to figure out why all my camera pics are so small.  Hmmmm….


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  1. Nice way to repurpose a door. It turned out really cute! Thanks for sharing this at What We Accomplished Wednesdays! Have a super week!


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