Shabby Flowers

Who’s ready for Spring?

This girl that’s who!

And as much as I hate pollen and sneeze my head off when it begins to fall…I’m ready to see it covering my front porch and my deck.

I’m ready for warm sunshine, ice cold sweet tea and pretty Spring flowers.

So while I wait for Spring to come back around I decided to whip up some flowers of my own.

This is a fairly easy project and one you can whip up in half an hour or so.

There are so many material options you can use as well.

I chose to use burlap because well…it’s burlap and who doesn’t love burlap?

First you want to cut about 8-10 squares.

Any size will do.

The bigger your squares the bigger your flowers.



Next you’ll cut half as many smaller squares.

So if your big squares are 5 in. then your smaller squares should be roughly 2.5 in.

I just let my eyes do the measuring.

After your squares are cut, find some cardboard and trace a circle onto it.

Again, the bigger the circle, the bigger the flower will be.

You’ll also need more squares of material to fill it up.

I used a pint sized mason jar lid.

After it’s cut out poke two holes in it and thread some jute, twine or ribbon through it.

This will let you tie your flower onto whatever you are decorating.


Now the fun part.

Start shredding and shabbying up the edges of your material.

The shabbier the better.

Shabby up both the big squares and the little squares.



After your squares are shabby enough grab your glue gun.

Now this is going to sound confusing but I promise it’s not.

Start with your big squares and fold them off center in half.

Use a dab of hot glue to secure it in the fold.


After you’ve hot glued and it is sufficiently secured, fold it again the same way and add another dab of hot glue.

It will look like this when you’re done.


Here’s a look from the top.


Do all your squares this way.

Even the small ones.

After you’ve folded and hot glued all your squares start with the big squares and add them to your cutout cardboard.

The closer to the edge the bigger your flower will be and the more squares you will need.


Do this will all the big squares and slightly overlap each of them.


Go around the whole piece of cardboard.

It’ll look like this when you are done with the big squares.


You see where I’m going with this right?

Now take your small squares and start adding them where you see cardboard.


Once you’ve finished filling in with your small squares you can add whatever you want to the center.

I used some scrap burlap but you can use anything!

Buttons, ribbons, lace, rocks, just anything you want!


I made a bigger brown flower too.

I have plans for these that I will share a little later.




So there you have it.

Flowers minus the pollen.

Shabby flowers.


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  1. I love these shabby little flowers. So cute and they could be used in so many different ways… Pinning this for future. Thank you for sharing… Cathy

  2. Very sweet. And you are right, it sounds confusing then I looked at your pictures. It all makes perfect sense. Thanks for a great tutorial.

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