Vintage Table Makeover

Hello once again!

I figured I better stop by my own blog to let my faithful followers know that YES I’m still here.

I usually try to take a DIY break during the summer and spend that time with the kids.

They’re “teenagers” now so it’s embarrassing to them to be “hanging” with mom.


I refuse to let them go.

They will always be my babies.

Anyway, now that they are back in school, I’ve been able to get busy.

And it’s a good thing too because I did do some thrifting and junkin over the summer.

Don’t believe me?

Just take a look…



Do you see all this old stuff!

Fun fun fun!

So first up are the cute little vintage tables you can see in the first picture.

I scored them for $10 bucks a piece.

I probably paid too much for them but I seriously don’t care.

I just loved them and had to have them.


These tables are solid wood and just gorgeous.

But first I had to clean them up.

 I used an all surface paint prep and an old sock.

Yes I watermarked the sock.



After they were cleaned I started to second guess painting them.

The wood was beautiful.


But I painted them anyway.


I didn’t use my regular “go to” DIY chalk paint recipe for these tables.

I changed up my recipe this time using cornstarch.

I’m not crazy.




This DIY chalk recipe is super easy and goes on so smooth.

I like it way better than using plaster of paris.

There’s no clumping and best of all there is no grit!

What What!!

No grit!

Here’s how:

1.  Use a cottage cheese or sour cream type container (16 oz. or 1 lb) with lid

2.  Fill your clean container with 2 cups water ~ mark how high 2 cups reaches with a sharpie

3.  Dump out the water ~ add 3 TBS cornstarch

4.  Add 1/4 cup water ~ stir

5.  Add any latex paint to the 2 cup line ~ stir


Just look how pretty after 2 coats.

I was only going to distress her a little but once I saw that gorgeous wood coming through…

I changed my mind.

I can do that ya know.






I mean seriously…

they’re so pretty.



I decorated these vintage tables with some really old books.

The big books on the bottom are ledgers are from the early 1900’s from a general store.

I found these at an antique store and they were very very reasonable.

I’ve had fun going through the ledgers and seeing prices go from .25 cents all the way to $1.00.

I find this stuff fascinating!







I’m really glad I overpaid for these yard sale tables.

And I’m really glad the kids are back in school.

Now I can get back to work…

and unwind.


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  3. The table is stunning…totally worth the $10! Corn Starch….what a great idea…so much better then plaster of paris…I am sure of it. I have used chalk paint, but just the stuff I bought at Michael’s, but I want different colors then what is available. I am soooo pinning this to try. Thank you for sharing. And those teenagers…hang on them tight…they grow up way to fast!

  4. Your table turned out great! I love yours stash of stuff…makes me feel better! I just started painting with homemade chalk paint two weeks ago. I have to do the waxing yet. Do you wax with your cornstarch recipe? New follower. Blessings, Diane

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