The Curious Case of the Curios: Before & After

Chalk Painted CuriosTwo weeks ago I gave you a sneak peak of what I have been working on.

I promised I would show you last week but that didn’t happen.

We all know I get busy lazy.

Oh well. Whatever.

I had been planning this project for a while.

A long while.

And now I can finally say it’s finished.


Anyway. We all have those pieces of furniture we just can’t part with.

Like these curios.

IMG_6948Take my word for it. There’s two of them.

I just couldn’t bare to part with them.

My husband bought these curios for me almost 20 years ago.

I removed the doors a while back.

I was just tired of all the glass.

So what’s any girl to do?

Of course…she paint’s them.

But let’s just take a look at what this room used to look like.


I no longer have this buffet. And that doesn’t say “Fat”. Trust me on that.


This is last year before I even painted the table. That says “EAT”…not “FAT”. Thanks for pointing that out mom.


See that curio in the corner?


And that curio in the other corner?

First things first.

Remove the glass shelves and cover the mirrored back and sides with bead-board wallpaper.

It’s paintable so go ahead and paint it.

And ignore the mess in the reflection.

Especially the chandelier.

Because as you will see in pictures below…

I completely revamped that too with paint and mason jars!

So keep reading!

IMG_6949I painted the bead-board in the back with Krylon Blue Ocean Breeze (same as the chairs) but I mixed it with POP and made chalk paint.

IMG_6954It was bright.

Very bright.

So I dry brushed some antique white chalk paint that I already had mixed up which gave it a distressed/weathered look.

IMG_6958Next I painted all that cherry wood.

Solid cherry I might add.

It bleeds through so I had to give it at least three coats.


First coat.

Now notice the bead-board.

Geezh…it now looked yellow.

So I painted it with the same antique white.

IMG_6979And just in case you’re wondering…

the walls in my dining room are blue…not green.

Wyeth Blue to be exact.

It’s aggravating because at different times throughout the day it looks green but it’s definitely blue.

IMG_6977Once everything was dry I distressed both curios with sandpaper.

Don’t ask me what grit because honestly I don’t know remember.

But the end process was fantastic.

The wood showed through beautifully.



DSCN6761Now see how the light from the top of the curios shines through?

Listen closely and don’t do as I do.

I covered the glass shelves with the bead-board wallpaper too.

Obviously I didn’t think this through because now the light only shines on the top shelf.

Duh Sandy.

I’ll probably end up taking it off the shelves but for now it stays.

Note the chalkboard…

It’s summertime.


IMG_6978This is how I first had it styled.

Note the chalkboard again.

Summer has turned into fall.

DSCN6734Then I changed my mind.

I can do that you know.




DSCN6830Sorry I can’t get a good picture of this room.

It’s just so awkward.

But I just love how everything white pops out.

















DSCN6812And remember that chandelier I mentioned earlier?

Yeah…this one.

IMG_6949You can see it here again.


DSCN6792I had no intention of redoing it right now but after my dining room was somewhat complete it just stood out like a sore thumb.

I really didn’t have a choice now did I?

I gave it a few coats of the same paint I used on the curios.

And no…I didn’t take it down first.

And yes…I just hand painted it with a small angled brush.

I removed the ugly yellow gloves and the bulbs and just painted.

I glued the mason jar lid rings to the chandelier thingys with E6000 glue and added some cute bulbs.

Here’s how it turned out.

DSCN6831I was one jar short using 8 oz. wide mouth jars so I just put 16 oz jars up instead.

Once I get just one more jar I’ll change them out.



DSCN6798Look at the ceiling.

Love how it reflects.


20141215_092448I didn’t edit these pictures and I didn’t watermark them.

I’m busy lazy remember.

20141215_092419Oh and in this last picture you can see that I added to of MMS’s bamboo rugs.

These are two small ones. The 6×10 was just too big for this room so it’s now in my sunroom.

IMG_7288I’m done in the dining room for now.

Oh…did I say I was done?


There’s this…

20141215_092555It’s always something people.





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