The Twilight Zone and a Painted Suitcase

I’m raising teenagers.  Again.

It’s like the third circle of hell.  Again.

These years are like the ‘Twilight Zone’ stage of child rearing.

The situations I’m faced with today…

They are not in any parenting books.

They weren’t there 10 years ago and they still aren’t there now.

Someone needs to work on that.


At times I feel like an idiot.

And through the eyes of my teens…I probably am.

I’m not taking it personally because really I know it’s all part of being a parent.

They’re preparing to leave me and finding out who they are and who they want to become.

I know they won’t listen to me (because remember…I’m an idiot) but there are things I want them to know.

Like it’s okay to be different.


It’s okay to be the bigger person and stand up for the kid getting picked on.

It’s okay to wear basketball shorts with cowboy boots.

It’s okay to be an artist, grocery store clerk, cashier, attorney, doctor, or barista.


It’s okay to be who YOU want to be…as long as you value yourself.

It’s okay to be kind, honest, considerate and respectful.


I want them to know their worth.


To be confident.

To trust themselves.

To believe in themselves.

And to be their self.


I want them to live.

To learn.

To lead.

To dream.

To work hard.


I want them to embrace that they are different.

I want them to look for the good.

I want them to be their own kind of beautiful.


And as long as they hold on to that one truth…

Everything is going to be okay.



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  1. You are an amazing mom, and someday your teens will grow up and thank you for it. I have been there and now have an almost 25 year old, 20 and 15 year olds. They bless me every day. Thank you for sharing it at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Blessings, Deborah

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