Flowers in the Tub

Yesterday over on my facebook page I posted this picture.

f223e58189642d9dfa14da2782ed7c0fI immediately fell in love with it.

I tried to find a source for the picture…not for a tutorial cause duhhhhh…but to give the photo credit. However, I couldn’t find a source.

Not to mention it’s easy and cheap.

I already had the galvanized drink tub so all I needed was a sheppard’s hook and some flowers.

So at 9:00 this morning, off shopping I went.

The longest part of this project was standing in the checkout line.

Why is it so busy at 9:00 in the morning?

Anyway, I came home and threw my little planter together.

IMG_8462Then I added some flowers.

IMG_8465Now I bought potting soil with every intention of putting the soil in the tub and planting the flowers.

That didn’t happen.

I just put the flowers on their side in the same pot they came in.

Don’t judge.  You know I’m lazy.

IMG_8466They sure are pretty.

They’ll be even prettier once I put a little water on them and since they are still in the pots they came in it’ll be so easy to just take them out, water them and put them back.

IMG_8467I’ve also got to work on the other side of the flower bed.

Here’s how it looks right now.

IMG_8468While I was out this morning I also picked up these little cuties.

IMG_8472And you know why I picked them up?

Their called Coffee Plants!

I can’t not pass something up that’s called a Coffee Plant.

IMG_8471And you can clearly see that I just sat them in their pots too.

I try not to transplant if I don’t have too.

That’s just a little too much work for me.

Grabbed up these too while shopping.

IMG_8474I didn’t have any more pots readily available so I just sat those two on the end down until I could gather up some more.

For now I’ll just sit here and wait for that Coffee plant to work.



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8 thoughts on “Flowers in the Tub

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  3. supahhhhhh cute, I actually have the inspiration pic pinned as well!!! LOVE IT…following you through Bloglovin now. Thrilled to see there are more lazy bloggers out there…lol
    Christine from Little Brags

  4. I have the same picture pinned. I love how you put the hook next to your steps! I have tried more planters than I care to admit by my front steps to make it look more welcoming and camouflage a slight slope, but so far nothing has worked. I think your idea will solve my problem. I am so glad you shared this! Thanks for the inspiration, I can’t wait until the snow melts!!

  5. I FINALLY found the original picture on Pinterest… I wanted to PIN yours but couldn’t make it “take”! I think you did a great tub and I cannot wait to try it! THANK YOU!

  6. I love the metal pan on the hook, gonna borrow that idea!!! Actually I think its better to leave the plants in their original pots, that way water can drain out. Unless the tub has holes in the side for drainage…….

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