Here’s Your Sign

I recently was given a sign.

No not that kind of sign but this kind:

IMG_8142It’s just not the kind of sign I prefer.


Someone gave it to me for free and you know I never pass up free.

Even if it is ugly.

So I gave it a makeover with some chalk paint, a little distressing and daily reminder.


That looks better.

IMG_8182And it hangs perfectly over my front door.

IMG_8229My stairs are directly across from the door so now every time someone comes down or heads out the door they get a daily reminder that they are loved.

IMG_8230Whether they read it out loud or just see it as they are heading out, it’s there.

In their minds.

Stuck forever in their brain.

IMG_8230aAnd although we tell them they are loved all the time, sometimes in the rush of things, we forget.

IMG_8227aSo my new sign hangs there daily as a constant and gentle reminder that…

Yes…You Are Loved.




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