And they lived Happily Ever After…

I haven’t disappeared off the face of the earth.

Really. I promise.

Summer is a busy time for me.

It doesn't get much better than this.

It doesn’t get much better than this.

Kids are out of school, birthdays, weddings and let’s not even mention trying to just catch up from all the winter slacking.

Yes I slacked during winter.


Don’t judge me.

I make up for it in the summer.

Like DIYing a wedding for instance.

And a beach wedding of all things.

Two of my most favorite things.

Summer and the Beach.

I made signs, bouquets, centerpieces and decorations galore.

It was exhausting.

And it was perfect.

The location was in Florida (an almost 8 hour drive for me) and the sunset on the beach was exhilarating.

Sunset Beach in Tarpon Springs, Florida

Sunset Beach in Tarpon Springs, Florida

It couldn’t have been any more perfect.

I started with the signs and pretty  much everything else just fell into place.



Whoops. Don't ask me who put the bucket in the chair sideways.

Whoops. Don’t ask me who put the bucket in the chair sideways.



The bride and the bridesmaids all carried handmade bouquets made by none other than your’s truly.




The flower-girl carried a handmade petal pail which I decorated with tulle and sea shells.


The wedding decorations were kept minimal since the view was the main decoration.

You just can’t outdo the beach and the sunset.

I did a memory table for those we missed who were there in spirit.


DSCN7251The card in the chair read:


This is probably one of my favorite photos.

She lost both of her husbands and her son (the bride’s daddy) and she stands there just looking at them.

I cried then and of course I cry now.

DSCN7255Following the ceremony we moved the memory table over to the reception.

DSCN7262The cake was beautiful. I wish I could take credit for it but I can’t.

She did a fantastic job on it.


DSCN7264On the left side of the cake I did a picture of the bride and groom for everyone to sign. Sharpies were available in the wedding colors.

There was also a date jar with popsicle sticks to write on. I painted those turquoise which was one of the colors.


IMG_8933On the right side of the table there was a thank you note from the bride and groom, a words of wisdom caddie and a honeymoon fund jar.



10371513_10205965171361853_5216133795255403781_nThe reception table turned out very well.


The bride and groom

The bride and groom

There were other decorations scattered around the reception area and that included the eating tables too.

I had an I Spy game, an Instagram hashtag and a marriage guest lib game.

If you would like a copy just click on the picture and then print the size you need on front and back.

Guest Lib - front

Guest Lib – front

Guest Lib - back

Guest Lib – back

I Spy game for guest table

I Spy game for Guest Tables

il_570xN.740077712_6bkpOther decorations included glass jars with LED candles which I glued to mirrored squares.  I then added some shells that I had spray painted the wedding colors.  This sat on top of wedding colored tulle circles.



11265116_10205965174401929_6514291725766498536_nI also did a few photo props.  Some made the trip. Some didn’t.

Some got broke. Some didn’t.

Oh well.

He Stole my Heart

This one made it alive.

The Mr. wood slice made it.  The Mrs. did not. Broke right in two.

The Mr. wood slice made it.

The Mrs. sign did not make it. Broke in half.

The Mrs. sign did not make it. Broke in half.

And of course there was the ampersand.

Everybody needs an ampersand.

IMG_8962It makes a totally beautiful wedding picture.

11148652_10207167575573724_1993575848241333621_nAnd of course you can’t end a wedding without sparklers.

Lots and lots of sparklers.

IMG_8972Here’s a printable for you.

il_570xN.568272320_qfax chalkboard_wedding_sign_sparkler_send_off_invitation-r3e4654c867ca4cb09132bc64ee4eaca0_zk9gk_512And there you have it.

A summer beach sunset wedding with lots of DIY ideas.

It truly was the perfect day and I wish them all the happiness in the world.



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