We had a little party…

for a very little princess.

I won’t sit here and lie…

It was hot.


And I don’t mean damn you fine hot…

I mean staying submerged in a pool of water and still sweating hot.

Ohhh the things we do for little ones just to see them smile.

IMG_9222Swimming, snacks and presents.

That’s all it takes to please a 4 year old.

The pool was big and the snacks were yummy.

We had splishing and splashing, pool noodles, beach balls, fishys and floaties and of course taking a dip.

Confused yet?

Here…I’ll show you.

Splishing and splashing with little water bottles and little hugs for the little ones.IMG_9232

IMG_9233Lot’s and lots of little pool noodles (silly straws and twizzlers).

IMG_9226 IMG_9225a

IMG_9225And of course you can’t have a pool party without beach balls served in a beach bucket with a beach shovel to scoop with (cheese popcorn and cheese puffs).


IMG_9231Fishys (goldfish) and floaties (gummy savers) all served up in beach buckets.


IMG_9229And last but not least no pool party is complete without taking a dip (frito scoops and dips)

IMG_9227There were presents and presents and presents and more presents all set up on their own little table.

IMG_9235And then there were pool toys (all from the dollar store).

There were water toy guns, water shooters, and water balls for playing catch.

There was also swimming eyes (goggles).

IMG_9240 IMG_9241

IMG_9239And we can’t forget the sunscreen and shades.

IMG_9238I think the princess was happy

IMG_9272and even took a second to slap on some lipstick.

IMG_9260I even think the Queen herself enjoyed the afternoon.

IMG_9244There was cake and ice cream too but I was too busy shoveling snacks in my mouth to get any pictures of those.


IMG_9234Stay cool!


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