Because I LOVE You More than Cake!

I have a BFF.

You know…the kind of BFF who you don’t see very often…

but you know she’s there.

She’s there when you’re sad.

She’s there when you’re happy.

She’s there when you’re weary.

She’s there when you’re just plain old tired.

tumblr_lyzn2q3bdj1rp4wb1o1_400_large_193384318It seems like we’ve known each other forever.

She tells me I don’t look fat.

She laughs at my jokes.

We have long phone conversations without silent places.

She’s seen me without makeup and didn’t scream.

And if I was lost she would find me.

I  believe God made us BFF’s because he knew our Mom’s couldn’t handle us as sisters.

So when the BFF asks for something…

You don’t even hesitate.

You just do it.

And it all started with Franklin D. Roosevelt.

IMG_9859 - Copy

Old pic of Franklin D. Roosevelt that I found for free. I only got it because…hey…free wood.

But…sorry Frankie…

IMG_9860 - Copy

Seriously…the pic must have been burned into the wood.

You gotta go.

IMG_9861 - Copy

Nice and clean.

IMG_9863 - Copy

Cover it with a chalk paint I like to call “Ink”.

IMG_9867 - Copy

Print out your graphic to fit, go over the back with white chalk, place it on your wood then go over your graphic with an ink pen or pencil.

IMG_9869 - Copy

Remove your graphic and you have a nice outline in chalk.

IMG_9871 - Copy

Go over your chalk outline with a paint pen or acrylic paint and paint brush. I use a paint pen because…coffee = jittery hands.

IMG_9903 - Copy

Let it dry completely and then distress it where you want. I distressed it with a sanding block. Don’t ask what grit because I really couldn’t tell you. Just grab one.

IMG_9904 - Copy

After distressing I wiped on some polyacrylic in a satin finish. It really brought out the prettiness of the wood.

IMG_9907 - CopyThen you wrap it up and mail it to her.


With a cute note for the return address.

When she gets home from a long hard day at work and she’s ready to pull her hair out…


there’s a nice surprise waiting for her…

because she’s your BFF

And you can’t image life without her.



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