I’ve Been Busy Doing…Stuff…

Well hello there little blog.

It’s me again.


Sorry for the lack of posts.

Winter is hard.


After an 80 degree Christmas I became quite spoiled.

I need Spring.

And I need it quick.

But I promise I haven’t been just sitting around all day.

I’ve been keeping busy.

Doing stuff.

Like decorating the outside of my cameo…

Bon Jovi1

And the inside…

Bon Jovi2

I told you I am beyond giddy over this man.

Don’t judge me.

I also decorated my daughter’s cell phone case…


And my wine glass…

Wine Glass

It’s been getting a lot of use lately.

I’ve also been making some signs.

Some I keep for myself.

And others I give to family and friends.

I made a few for Christmas gifts too.

Like this one…


And this one…


I kept this one for myself…


And this one…


I also made us a monogram sign…


I took that one to the lake.

I made a few others as gifts as well but can’t share them here since they have names on them.

Wouldn’t want anyone having a hissyfit and wanting royals from my millions of dollars that I’m making.


You don’t believe me?


Anyway, I made this one as a gift…


And this one too…


I love my cameo cutting machine.

I love that I can do the design on the computer and then cut it with my machine.

It’s a fun but expensive hobby to have.

Especially now that I want to vinyl EVERYTHING in the house!

Now…just have to figure out how to start making millions with it.