Faux Butcher Block, a Pink Island and Cupcakes

I know I know I know…

Where have I been right?

Well…I hibernate in the winter and make pretty things inside.

I’ll post some of those things a little later on.

Anyway….who doesn’t love butcher blocks, an island and cupcakes?

Now combine all three and you’re in heaven.

Am I right?

That’s exactly what I did when I found an old kitchen island that someone was getting rid of.

For $50.00.

I know right!

You just can’t not rush out to get it.

The island was dirty and had a marble top that I just didn’t need.


Sorry but I forgot to take a picture of the marble top.

It wasn’t very pretty so you aren’t missing out.

After scrubbing this thing down, I removed the drawers and handles, mixed up some chalk paint and went to town painting.


Brass handles are a no bueno.

Am I right?

My sister wanted the island painted a light pink and a butcher block top.

Butcher block is soooooo expensive y’all.

So what’s a girl to do but make her own.

I started working on the top by using some birch wood which were slats from my son’s bed.


I used Tightbond III between the slats to hold them together and clamped them together for a few days.


After it had dried for a few days and there was no way this thing was coming apart, I used my dremel saw to cut the boards down to size.


Next I sanded.

And sanded.

And sanded.


I filled in the gaps with wood filler and sanded some more.


There now.

Smooth as a baby’s butt.


Beautiful wood.

And very smooth.

Next I used painters tape and began taping off some stripes.

I stained with minwax stain.


After that had set for a few minutes, I wiped it off and removed the tape.

I let that dry for a few hours then taped it off again and repeated the stain in multiple stain colors.


It was looking good.

I kept repeating the process covering up some of the parts that bled so it blended all together.



Ohhhh it was so pretty.

After I had it at all the shades I wanted, I set the top aside and let it dry.

I let it dry for a while.

Then I sealed it with Polycrylic.



I let that dry completely between coats rubbing on about 4 coats.

Next I went to work painting the island itself.

Totally forgot to take pictures of the process but…


I painted 2 coats of a light pink chalk paint and then sealed with 3 coats of Polycrylic.


You really can’t tell the paint color in the pics but it’s a very light baby pink.


I again used Tightbond III to adhere the top to the island.

Totally in love with that glue.

It will hold forever.


The handles for the drawers were spray painted with Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze and then put back onto the drawers.

I also added a paper towel holder to one side and a basket with hooks to the other side.

Those will totally come in handy.




It sure was a real beauty but still not finished.

This island needed cupcakes since it was going to be used for making cupcakes.

I used my silhouette cameo to cut some cupcakes out of vinyl.


Added some wheels.


Eeeeekkkk…so cute.


And I totally made her make me some cupcakes.

Which by the way were so yummy.


And I made her a cute little cutting board to use since I advised not to do any actual cutting on the top.

It is only faux butcher block.


I love giving something old a new and pretty look.

It brings it back to life.

It makes me happy.

Well…that and sunshine.

And warm weather.

And the beach.

And the lake.

And martinis.

And of course…





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