Pretty up your Teacher Gifts!

Every year at the end of the school term, I struggle and struggle and struggle to come up with something different for my kids teachers. My son had the same teachers for 4 years in a row and coming up with something different each first day of school, Christmas, Valentines Day, Teacher Appreciation Week (Yikes!!!), last day of school was a challenge. Of course, I turn to Pinterest for inspiration and of course, it didn’t let me down.

This past year I wanted to show the teachers just how much they ALL meant to our family.  They have done so much for both of them and been a huge part of our life for so many years.  Leaving grammar school and the teachers that we spent so many years with was truly bittersweet (I think I cried for a week).

I decided to pretty up some clipboards and memo boards.  All in all this took about a week for me to complete (my son had several teachers and therapists) but was fairly simple.  I don’t have pictures of the complete process but I did snap a few once they were completed.

Supplies for Clipboards

Clipboard – $1.00 (dollar store – love that place)

Scrapbook paper


Mod podge

Foam brush

Monogram Initial (printed on cardstock)

Post-It Notes



Supplies for Memo Board

8×10 frame

Scrapbook paper

Thumb tacks

Clear glass gems


Cork board

Really sweet poem/note/letter

If you don’t already know how glorious Mod Podge is then you are missing out.  Mod Podge is amazing but I’ll let Amy at ModPodgeRocks tell you all about it.   The process for both the clipboards and the memo boards are pretty self-explanatory and they both were a huge hit!

Teacher Gift Clipboards

Teacher Gift Clipboards

Clip Board

Memo board

Memo board

I really don’t think my children’s grammar school teachers will ever know what they mean to our family.  Teaching is hard enough and a challenge in itself, but when you are a special needs teacher to a special needs child, you are like an angel to that child (and their mama). Thank your children’s teacher for their sacrifice.  Thank them for their time, dedication, and expense they put into it.  May they be blessed with patience, love, determination, optimism, realism, and the stamina that I know is required to do what they do well.

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