Stairway to Heaven – Picture Gallery

The wall alongside our stairs is massive.  And I do mean massive.   Just deciding what to do with it was a thorn in my side.  It made me cray—-zeeeeeeee to think about it.  But I did…think about it…all…the…stinking…time.

Finally I decided on a gallery wall.

It just made sense.

In my mind it did anyway.

First thing I did was paint all my frames black.  I’m on a black kick lately and I hope I stay that way because painting over black is no fun.  I printed out some fun pics of the kids that I had taken at the beach and just random other photos of the older kids I stole borrowed from facebook.  I framed them up and laid everything out on the floor.

And that’s where it sat.

For over a month.

It needed something else but what?  I knew I had some blank canvases in my craft room (we will get to that in another post) so back to the drawing board I went.  Of course, I painted them black and waited for them to dry.

I then found these awesome letters on Flickr.  And they were free!  I ended up printing out the first letter of everyone in our family’s name. I also printed the number 6 because there are 6 in our family.  I broke out the mod podge and began mod “podging” my photos onto my canvases.  Once complete and dry I added them to the floor with the frames to get an idea of what my masterpiece would look like.  Finally I was happy. And the hubs was happy I was getting things off the floor.

I gathered up all my supplies…frames, canvases, nails, hammer, stool and I just started hammering and hanging.  Now…most people (hubs included) would have measured from the ceiling to the stairs then the wall to the stairs, then the backs of the frames to the nail hole, blah blah blah…but puhleeezzz…do you remember how impatient I am? That would have taken waaaay to long.   Plus, who cares if there are 42 nail holes behind one picture.  It’s only an itty bitty tiny little hole.

So basically what I did was grab a frame or canvas, hold it up against the wall, eyeballed that sucker to death, pull the nail from between my lips, hammer that sucker in and BOOM!

Picture gallery looking up the stairs.

Gallery wall looking up the stairs.

Gallery wall looking down the stairs.

Gallery wall looking down the stairs.

Not to shabby if I do say so myself.  And I freakin love it.  It makes me smile.  It makes me happy.  And that’s all that really matter.

So tell me…are you a fan of gallery walls?

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