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Deciding to be a stay at home mom was not easy for me because I had spent the last twenty years working my butt off. Working hard and having a career was in my blood.  Staying at home not only meant quality time with my children,  but also allowed more time to do what I love… get DIY crafty on the cheap.

On any given day here you might read about my DIY projects, furniture makeovers or just basically controlling the chaos and clutter.  I get my inspiration and ideas from television shows, Pinterest, other blogs, thrift stores, and books and magazines.  I’m passionate about all things home.  I love wine, chick flicks, spray paint, chalk paint, scrapbook paper, thrift stores, yard sales, flea markets, decorating on a budget, Bon Jovi and Jesus.  Most of all, I love my hubby and children, for their complete support, love and understanding (especially when it comes to Bon Jovi).  I have the most awesome friends and family known to man and through my journey as a stay at home mom I have learned that red wine pairs nicely with stress.

I started this blog to simply test and challenge myself to start new projects, share my inspirations, and hopefully inspire a few others along the way. Using my knowledge of crafts (not really) along with my everyday experience (mother and step-mother to children ages 25, 24, 14 and 13), I want to share my ideas so that you can make memories with your family and friends. I’m glad you’re here and I hope you come back often as you follow my journey.

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