Flowers in the Tub

Yesterday over on my facebook page I posted this picture. I immediately fell in love with it. I tried to find a source for the picture…not for a tutorial cause duhhhhh…but to give the photo credit. However, I couldn’t find … Continue reading

Trash to Treasure and a little bit SAD

I promised you a post yesterday unfortunately I failed. But I did take two naps so it wasn’t a complete and total waste. I know I’ve mentioned this before but I don’t like winter. I don’t like it being cold, … Continue reading

Vintage Table Makeover

Hello once again! I figured I better stop by my own blog to let my faithful followers know that YES I’m still here. I usually try to take a DIY break during the summer and spend that time with the … Continue reading

Take me to an Island…A kitchen Island

Well…we made it.  Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year are over.  Goodbye 2013.  Hello 2014. It’s cold here.  It shouldn’t be this cold in the south. I hate the cold. I’d rather be basking in the sun on an island far … Continue reading

Cheap Love

So I went shopping on Saturday. And Monday. And I’m going again on Thursday. And Friday. And Saturday. I blame the weather. It’s supposed to be 36 degrees tonight.  With frost. Um…hellooooooo… Am I not in Georgia anymore?  This usually doesn’t happen until at least … Continue reading